Easily Create a Login Form Widget for WordPress

Want to get a customizable login form into your WordPress sidebar? It’s surprisingly simple!

Is giving your users a quick and easy way to log in to your WordPress website is a must-have? It sounds simple, and it is, but it can be a pain in the neck to figure out your first time through. Googling this up no doubt gave you plenty of login form plugins, but can take you down a time consuming rabbit hole of “how to” really quickly. Trying different plugins might get you something in your sidebar that will let users log in, but leave a lot to be desired aesthetically, and possibly functionally. If you need to customize much to fit your needs… good luck.

There’s a surprisingly simple, two-step way to setup a login widget for WordPress. One that gives you full control over design and function, without writing a line of code. Check it out below!

Build a login widget for WordPress in 2 easy steps!

All you need is Ninja Forms and the User Management add-on. With those installed and activated, you’re about 5 minutes away frpom making this happen.

Step 1: Select the Login Form template in your WordPress form builder.

In your WordPress dashboard, go to Ninja Forms > Add New, and scroll down to find the Login Form template. Click to open it up, and you’ll see a ready-to-use login form. It can be customized to include whatever fields you need, but contains username & password fields by default.

If you don’t have registered users already, User Management includes templates for registering users and updating profiles as well. You can find them in the same location as the Login Form template.

Save (Publish) your login form when you’re ready to go, and move on to step 2 below.

Step 2: Add the form as a widget in your WordPress sidebar

This is a simple addition. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Widgets. From there, find the Ninja Forms Widget on the left side options and drag and drop it wherever you would like it on your sidebar, just like any other WordPress widget. Select your Login Form from the dropdown menu within the widget.

adding a login form widget to wordpress from you dashboard. Appearance, Widgets, select Ninja Forms in the left hand menu, and it appears in the widget menu to the right.

Once saved, head back to the public view of your site to see your fancy new login widget!

presentation of the login form widget on ta public page

2 steps and 5 minutes of your time later, you have a login form widget in your WordPress sidebar!

Just like that, you’ve added a new and professional feature to your site that can help draw in more consistent traffic, more accurate data, and build better communication. User Management is the first step to creating a community of users dedicated to your site. Even better, it can have your site ready to accept users in just a few short minutes of set up.

Comments are below. Are you searching for a user management feature that you can’t seem to find anywhere?