Want to Customize WordPress Based on Visitor Location?

Meet GeoFli: A university project turned business venture that serves visitors with content relevant to their geographic location!

Trying to reach as many users as possible is a struggle that every business faces. This is especially challenging since different people have different interest and opinions. Shocking, I know. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to customize your site so as to differentiate what viewers saw?

There is! GeoFli is a service that will read where in the world a user is connecting from and customize the content of a website to fit that users location. We recently sat down and spoke with Kyle Pucko, one of the founders of GeoFli, to discussed the service and how the company started.

How did two ordinary guys turn one small data trend into a thriving business?

In 2015 Kyle was the digital marketing manger at the University of Montana and worked alongside Nick Shontz, GeoFli’s other co-founder, who was the university’s Web Manager. Together, they noticed an intriguing trend in their site data. They saw that people from different regions behaved differently and appeared to have different goals while exploring the site.

In order to best meet their users’ needs, they wanted to find a way to segment the website experience based on user location. At the time there wasn’t really a good solution, so Kyle and Nick used their nights and weekends to create the solution themselves, Geofli.

Geofli allows you to easily customize a website’s content based on a user’s geographic location. A guest from New York, for instance, could see something totally different than someone from California when visiting the exact same site!

“Luck has to find you working”

Soon after its creation, Kyle and Nick were sought out by several other universities (Go Ducks!) and they realized that they might have something wonderful on their hands. By early 2016, Kyle and Nick realized that they had an idea with tremendous potential and took steps to make their idea real. It was time to turn that idea into a product for others.

It wasn’t all clear skies and money showers, however. Kyle shared with us what the early days of company were like:

“We definitely maxed out the night and weekend side hustle for a long time…We certainly tried early to focus on things that mattered. And those two things were building products, and getting customers. I heard a quote, and I forgot where I heard it, but “Luck has to find you working.”…What we did was we knocked on doors, we gave the product away for free, we got constant feedback from early customers.”

What Is the Key to GeoFli’s Success?

In addition to the hard work and sacrifices that Kyle and Nick put in, one of the biggest factors to success is the faith they had in their product. They knew that the early product was not feature complete, but that it was something people needed now. If they waited until the product was perfect, then they might still be waiting to release it.

“That first version is not going to be perfect, and if you wait for it to be perfect, you’re going to wait forever.  And that goes with everything. Our sales pitches early on were clunky, they were fumble-y, but we gave them, we just did it, and then they’d get sharpened over time.” – Kyle Pucko

That mentality of forging ahead with what works for their users has seen tremendous success for GeoFli. They now serve most of the continental United States, with their sights set on the world. The company has recently gone international, adding customers as far away as New Zealand. Monthly growth has hit double digits a while back and continues to pick up.

We’re very proud to point out here quickly that Kyle and Nick are Ninja Forms users! Kyle was gracious enough to note the ease of managing a growing customer base via their integration with Hubspot via Ninja Forms through our Zapier extension, and with MailChimp. Playing a role, no matter how small, in the success of a business like this is the kind of stuff we’re in business for 🙂

You can use GeoFli now to boost sales with highly relevant, visitor-specific content

We reach almost the whole world with the web, and your primary audience is somewhere in that mass of humanity. Connecting with people is so much easier when you know something about them already. Tailoring content to the user is a tried and true strategy for major retailers that you can easily implement yourself with GeoFli.

GeoFli can change the content of your website based on the geographical location of each and every visitor. You can even add or remove content. Even better, the service is specific enough to distinguish between urban and suburban areas in a given city.

If you’re selling sports or collegiate related merchandise, you should be able to immediately see the clear advantage of using a service that can pull this kind of audience targeting off.

The rest of might need to dig a little deeper to find value, but it’s there. Anytime you can tailor your content to your audience, you win. And so does your bottom line.

Learn More About GeoFli today!

Kyle and Nick are two of the rare jewels of the internet. Together, they took an idea, made it a reality, and created a great service that is making lives easier. Explore GeoFlie and see what it can do for you. They’re on Facebook as well. It can elevate your site to a level you might have never thought of before.