Getting to Know You: Finance Ninja Jeremy

“If you make nachos illegal we are going to have a problem.”

In this meet the team spotlight, we’ll take Jeremy, the cruncher of numbers, and ask him the really “important questions”. All this in a continued effort to shed light on the crew that makes Ninja Forms possible, and hopefully give way to some chuckles and laughter in the meantime.

For those unable to listen to the audio version of Getting to Know You, an abbreviated transcript of this riveting Q&A session can be found below:

1. If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with your extra time?

Spend more time with my kids.

2. What fictional place would you most like to visit, be it from a book, movie, etc? And why?

I’m going to give you two. Atlantis, and I think Narnia would be pretty cool.

3. What hobby would you get into if time and money were NOT an issue?

A recreational racecar driver.

4. What’s your biggest day-to-day motivator?

It’s actually kind of self…beating. Doing better than I did the day before.

5. What is your biggest fear?

Not being able to get out of this chair. It is super comfortable.

6. What is the most annoying habit that other people have?

It bothers me when people appear to know more about a subject than they actually do. The other is when people are notoriously late for everything. So yeah, that’s it, timeliness and arrogance.

7. If you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why would you choose that name?

Raúl Ibañez. There is no other answer.

8. What food do you find disgusting?

I’m generally not a fan of organ meats.

9. What skill would you like to master?

Developing relationships. Being more intentional in relationship building.

10. If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?

To know for certain if aliens exist.

11. What takes up too much of your time?

MEETINGS. A good meeting is tough to beat, but a bad meeting can ruin your day.

12. Of the places you’ve visited, which was your favorite?

I’m a bit of a travel buff. There are places I like for different reasons. I really like Italy a lot. The Mediterranean: Spain, Greece. I cannot pick an absolute favorite.

13. What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured?

It was a pretty good one. I was opening a big burlap sack of coffee, roasting coffee in the roastery. I was using a knife bigger than what was needed for the task. I succeeded in opening the bag, but also in stabbing myself in the hand. So yeah, that was pretty stupid.

14. What artist or song do you put on when you can’t decide what to listen to?

Lately I’ve been going between two: Maggie Rogers & John Mark McMillan

15. What’s your favorite movie?

Too many. One of my favorites is Shawshank Redemption & The Count of Monte Cristo.

16. What is your ideal way to spend the weekend?

Visiting someplace new with my family. I love adventure and new things.

17. Time Travel…are you going to the future or the past? Why?

There is great reasons to go both directions. I was a history major so I feel like I’d have to go back. …The birth of Christ, if you believe in such a thing, I could confirm it [for you] with my time travel.

18. If you could meet anyone in human history, who would it be?

I want to go obscure. Let’s turn it on its head. Noah. …Weird dude.

19a. What was your favorite part about being in the military [Army]?

The friends you can develop in a short amount of time…but I guess fundamentally how it [the military] changed me. …the whole basic training experience helped me realize that I can do just about anything for a period of time.

19b. What was your favorite place you visited while in the Army?

So….because I wasn’t in the Navy, I only saw a few training bases and places I can’t tell you I went. So my officially answer, I would have to say is Fort Leonard Wood MI, also known as Fort Lost-in-the-Woods [Misery].

20. What would be the coolest animal to scale up to the size of a blue whale?

That’s really the final question? That’s a letdown…a giant, enormous hedgehog.

…But that’s not all, Jeremy is then subjected to a BONUS round question!

21. What would be the worst thing for the government to make illegal (no matter how absurd), that would ultimately result in your inevitable imprisonment?

Nachos!! …I said nachos as a joke, but if you make nachos illegal we are going to have a problem.