Building a Thriving WordPress Photography Business

Pristine turquoise waters, warm salt air, the sand between your toes, the soft glow of the evening sun sparkling on the ocean… a panoramic vista of wave-weathered rock and pearl white sails reaching above the gentle waters of the Mediterranean on the multicolored horizon…

It’s hard to imagine a more romantic venue to get married than a small Mediterranean island off the Spanish coast. It’s also tough to imagine a more gorgeous place to live. Gypsy Westwood has not only been lucky enough to combine both of these things in her daily life on the Spanish isle of Ibiza, she’s been clever enough to build a thriving WordPress photography business around it!

A classically trained photographer…

Gypsy grew up around photography. Not the digital photography that most of us are used to (even carry with us in our pockets) today, but the hands-on art form of the pre-digital era. Her father was a successful fashion photographer in Madrid who put her first camera into her hands at age 15. With the novelty of having a darkroom right in her own home, she nurtured an interest for photography through secondary school that led to formal university study in London.

Photography degree in hand, Gypsy left London to travel the world with her boyfriend (now husband). They spent several years sojourning through Asia and Australia, taking pictures the whole way, until finally deciding to settle down in the spot Gypsy has always considered home: Ibiza.

…turned WordPress entrepreneurgypsy westwood photography, newlyweds kissing with Mediterranean in background

Gypsy and her husband settled into life in Ibiza at the perfect point to launch the career she didn’t know she was about to launch. It was the early 2000’s, just before the era of digital photography saturated the market for professional photographers.

She began small doing something she loved: working with film for a local company doing portrait style photography. On the request of a friend, she did a wedding shoot. That turned into more requests and more wedding shoots. Word spread. More requests came in. She saw on opportunity, grabbed it, and Gypsy Westwood Photography was born.

She humbly credits her personal success to being in the right place at the right time, filling a niche market and differentiating herself with a unique style at a pivotal point in her industry’s market. We’re proud that WordPress and Ninja Forms were able to play a role in that success 🙂