Automate It All with Ninja Forms and Zapier Integration!

A couple hundred years ago something crazy started happening in the Western hemisphere. Folks started building all these weird contraptions that would handle several steps of a job in one stroke. Then someone got the bright idea to stash all those machines involved in a shared process into one building. Now we have factories everywhere. Thanks, Europe.

How does this roughshod recap of the industrial revolution have anything at all to do with Ninja Forms besides making my history-loving CTO cringe? Automation. It’s what brought production out of the cottages of yesteryear to the high tech industry of the Digital Age. With Zapier integration for Ninja Forms, you can automate many aspects of your digital business and stop wasting time on the little things. See how you can revolutionize your business below!

What is Zapier?

Logo-e1343865815822Plain and simple, it’s a program that connects the apps you love to automate tasks that you’d otherwise have to do by hand. All you need to do is create an account on,  purchase and install the Ninja Forms Zapier extension, and then use it to create Zaps between target apps. Zaps are what we call the automated actions you set up between apps using Zapier.

So What All Can I Do with Zapier and Ninja Forms?

Glad you asked! Here are some examples of things you can set up to happen automatically by creating Zaps between some of your favorite tools and Ninja Forms:

Use Ninja Forms form submission data to:

  • Create MailChimp subscribers
  • Add Campaign Monitor subscribers
  • Add/update ActiveCampaign contacts
  • Create contact in Google Contacts
  • Create leads in Zoho CRM
  • Create leads in Salesforce
  • Generate Slack notifications
  • Create Trello Cards
  • Send submission data to WebMerge document templates
  • Create Google Calendar events
  • Create text files in Dropbox
  • Create file in Google Drive
  • Add rows to Google Sheets spreadsheets
  • Send new MySQL database rows
  • Create FreshBooks invoices
  • Create Zendesk tickets
  • Send Twilio text messages
  • Create tasks in Asana
  • Send SMTP emails
  • Send Gmail emails

That’s not all. Not even close. There are currently over 500 different applications you can connect by Zaps to Ninja Forms, with more integrations in the works. Upcoming integrations include some familiar names such as Microsoft Excel, Foursquare, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Sharepoint, Outlook, and even Android and iPhone.

zapierThere is so much Zapier for Ninja Forms can handle for you, you can literally save days out of the year automating tedious tasks like data entry. Save your business time and money by automating! If you haven’t gone to take a look at Zapier for Ninja Forms already, what are you waiting on?! Go!

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