The most activated WordPress form builder plugin!

I don’t know that this is the goal for every WordPress form plugin. It is the title we have been setting our sights on for some time. Not because it’s a popularity contest, but because we have striven to add value to the WordPress community from day one. We are a business and have bills to pay, but we have also invested a very significant amount of our resources in our free core plugin so people who needed a great experience with forms could get that at any budget. I believe we are accomplishing that goal.

Ninja Forms, the WordPress form builder plugin, has hit 1 million active installs!

This is an extremely exciting and humbling milestone for everyone on the Ninja Forms team. It was only last year that we crossed the 500,000 active installs. Month over month Ninja Forms continues to see tremendous growth. In fact, Ninja Forms is one of the fastest growing WordPress form builder plugins available. We’re talking top 2 or 3. This isn’t on accident, but it’s also not because we are great marketers.

Our growth has been solely due to our commitment to creating something truly beautiful and useful for as many people as possible. We have attempted to provide a fantastic feature set with extremely flexible pricing. Judging from our growth, mission achieved.

What’s next for the WordPress form builder space?

There was a time that when anyone talked about WordPress forms, there was only one product that came to everyone’s mind. Those days are past and I would argue that they are never coming back. There will never again be a single leader in this space, but that doesn’t mean we will ever stop trying to earn that position in your hearts and minds. We have accomplished so much and truly can’t wait to reveal what we have coming in the very near future.

In the next several months it is likely that Ninja Forms will be active on more websites than any other WordPress form builder available. On behalf of the entire Ninja Forms team I want to say a huge thank you to our customers, users, developers, and the entire WordPress community for choosing and supporting Ninja Forms! I couldn’t imagine a finer set of folks to to be on this journey with.

2 million here we come!