A “What’s Happening” Update for Ninja Forms

Every once in awhile we like to share some information to let all our users, customers, and fans know what we’ve been up to. Not all of the activity around our newest projects have been happening here at ninjaforms.com and we don’t want you to miss all the cool buzz!

We often get asked by new, inquisitive users and by those using other products, why should they use Ninja Forms over some other form solution? In this article I want to share with you more new fantastic reasons and many of the things that are happening!

Ninja Forms In The Wild

The reviews are in and they are very, very good.

About three months ago I shared a post about why we were the 69th most popular plugin in the WordPress repo. In that post you can see a collection of reviews Ninja Forms has received that got us there.

Well, the reviews are still rolling in! In fact, since that post we have received over 160 more 5 star reviews. That amounts to an average of over 50 new 5 star reviews every month. Having users who are so happy with the product and willing to share their positive experiences with the world is exciting and humbling. Here is one of our recent favorites:

5 star review

Equally exciting is that Ninja Forms is no longer the 69th most popular plugin in the WordPress repo. We are now the 61st most popular. In the last two weeks we’ve climbed eight positions!

Like our reviews, our user-base is growing as well.

According to the WordPress repo we reached 200,000+ active installs of Ninja Forms on May 20th, 2015. Since WordPress only reports in 100k increments until you reach a million (then you have no clue because it never increases) we didn’t have a really clear idea of our user base other than it was over 200k. Yesterday the numbers changed which gives us a clearer picture of how we’re doing.

As of December 1st, 2015 we crossed over to 300,000+ active installs. That is an increase of 100k in just over 6 months. At that rate we can infer that we are adding, on average, about 16,000 new active users every single month. We don’t have anything to compare that too, but that sounds pretty great to us.

Let’s see how long it takes for the next 100k.

GoDaddy’s Top 100 Plugins

Although I’m not exactly sure when they started this list (February of this year I believe), GoDaddy has started what they call the Hot 100 list of WordPress plugins and themes. This is specific to their platform, but here is what they say about the list:

The GoDaddy Hot 100 highlights the hottest-trending WordPress plugins and themes each week. The list is ranked by active installs across GoDaddy’s millions of WordPress installations as measured by the greatest net gain in the number of active installs from the previous week.

So basically these are the plugins and themes that are being installed the most on their servers. While Ninja Forms has been on and off this list from day one, over the past several weeks we have moved within the top 10 and this past week we are actually number 4.

This is an awesome validation of the growing popularity of Ninja Forms. As if the few dozen 5 star reviews we get every month weren’t enough.

There is even more going on in this space, but we can’t say anymore about that at this very moment. Keep your eyes on the blog for future updates.

In Our Neck of the Woods

That was a small look at what’s been happening with Ninja Forms in the world at large, but now let’s talk about what’s happening in our own backyard. Things can sometimes seem quiet on the product front, but they are actually anything but quiet around the WP Ninjas offices.

Ninja Forms THREE

If you haven’t been following along you might not realize that the newest version of Ninja Forms is currently under development and has been undergoing weekly alpha releases for testing and feedback. Just check out the latest posts for our current progress.

Brand new today, if you don’t have the ability to install the alpha in a safe environment you can test it out on our demo site now.

New Ninja Forms Developer Site

In an effort to provide better documentation and assist in all the cool development that is taking place around Ninja Forms, we’ve begun building a special site just for this purpose. You can find this site at developer.ninjaforms.com and there is great about page explaining the type of content you can expect as the site evolves.

New Ninja Forms Slack Group

From the very beginning we have strived to make Ninja Forms a community driven project. By that I mean that we weren’t just building a product we could build a business on, but a tool that would benefit the entire WordPress community.

We’ve learned that comments on posts and issues on GitHub are not great for ongoing conversation around the project. We decides that instead we would create a Slack group where we could focus conversations around specific parts of the project. We’ve already received great feedback on the THREE alpha and would love you to join.

These are just some of the many things that we hope make you proud to be a Ninja Forms user or customer and give you confidence in where we are headed as product and company. We are certainly honored to have so many of you not only using our plugin, but also actively involved in its development. The future is bright and we are so excited that we will get to experience it with all of you!

Thank you!