8 Great AB Testing Tools for Your Ninja Forms

Are you getting the best conversion possible out of your forms? Data on form conversion is all over the web, including our own Ninja Forms blog. You can find tons of excellent advice that can help you improve form conversion by leaps and bounds, but at the end of the day you’re following advice that’s worked for others. Is it the best advice for you? Maybe. There’s only one way to find out: AB testing tools.

Think your call to action might be more visible if it were a different color? Different size? Will it really hurt to add one more form field? Will your form convert better at the left of the page or the right? Does the social proof you’ve included really make that much of a difference? AB testing tools will allow you to test each one of those questions, and any others you can cook up. Check out this list of AB testing tools to find the one that works best for you!

AB Testing Tools for Your Ninja Forms

1) Nelio AB Testing

Nelio AB Testing Tools logo

If you’re looking for a solution built specifically for WordPress with a full featured WordPress plugin, you’ve found it. Nelio has high upside in that it is an established, professional service with a dedicated focus on WordPress. That sets it apart from any other plugin on the list. They offer a free trial to test them out, and after that you’re looking at only $29USD/month for their basic plan, or $89USD/month for their pro plan. Even their enterprise plan is more generally affordable than many.


  • Native AB testing solution for WordPress
  • Beautiful heatmaps and click-maps
  • Great visual data presentation for conversion actions
  • Cache support for negligible performance impact
  • Processing load handled entirely in cloud, not your website
  • Excellent support

2) Simple Page Tester

Simple Page Tester AB testing tools logo

Using Simple Page Tester is also fully integrated with WordPress and simple to get started with. Simply select the page with the form to test, use the plugin to create the variation in the form, and run your test. The upside to Simple Page Tester is that it is really easy to use, and free. The downside is that only the premium version has the advanced conversion tracking and statistical analysis you may need. If you want something lightweight, simple, and free, this may be your plugin.


  • SEO friendly
  • Free version is compatible with Google Analytics for advanced analysis
  • Compatible with most caching plugins
  • Premium version is cheap ($59USD one-time single license) but packed with features

3) Marketizator

Marketizatior AB testing tools logo

Marketizator branches out from AB testing, offering you surveys and popups that you can implement as well. You can test pages though, so it’ll work for basic form split testing even while offering you the other features. The plugin makes setup easy: free Marketizator account, install plugin, enter tracking code. It’s free up to 10k visitors every month, and if your traffic exceeds that you’ll have to look into their premium plan. Marketizator is an option to consider on a budget.


  • WYSIWYG editor for setting up AB tests
  • Built in statistical relevance calculator
  • Advanced reporting
  • Custom goals
  • Advanced sementation
  • Extra features (popup banners, surveys)

4) Optimizely

optimizely AB testing tools logo

Optimizely is one of the giants of the AB testing tools market, and they’re affordable. Full disclosure, Optimizely is who we use for our own websites. They offer a full array of AB testing tools, but that’s only a fraction of the benefits using Optimizely brings you. Proprietary and industry leading analytics software and the ability to deliver targeted content in real time based on your data is the tip of the iceberg. They’re well worth your time to investigate further.


  • Access to industry reports, seminars, and documentation
  • Full range of AB, multivariate, and multi-page testing
  • Support for testing across devices
  • Deliver targeted content in real time based on the data from your tests
  • Advanced data analysis tools

5) Visual Website Optimizer

visual website optimizer AB testing tools logo

VWO and Optimizely are two very similar offerings, but both scratch a slightly different itch in terms of what kind experience they offer. Which will work best for you depends on just exactly what kind of itch you have (unless it’s fleas, then you want Frontline or Trifexis). VWO offers a comprehensive suite of testing tools, both AB testing tools and others, along with advanced analytics reports, deployment of your data for targeting and personalization, and alos a very neat Idea Factory for user feedback.


  • The “Idea Factory” and community feedback
  • AB, split URL, and multivariate testing
  • Advanced analytics
  • Segmentable reports
  • Heatmaps
  • Targeting and personalization for implementing data-based strategies

6) Kissmetrics

kissmetrics AB testing tools logo

At $120USD for their most basic startup plan, Kissmetrics sure isn’t the cheapest on the list. They are an analytics powerhouse though, and depending on your needs may be very well worth their price. While you definitely can do AB testing through Kissmetrics, their focus is on making the most of your testing data through comprehensive reports and analytics. They even integrate with other AB testing tools like Optimizely! Kissmetrics probably isn’t for you if you’re just looking to test a few pages, but for a growing company they offer a wealth of priceless data services and would be a shame to leave off the list.


  • Extremely detailed reporting including funnel, cohort, and path reporting
  • ‘People Search’ lets you easily tease out specific traffic groups
  • Design-your-own data sets
  • Revenue reporting
  • Audience segmentation and triggers
  • Integrate with other powerful platforms- even Optimizely!

7) Unbounce

unbounce AB testing tools logo

Unbounce is used widely around the web, and for good reason. They’re very affordable for what they offer, with their starter plan coming in at $49USD/month, and they are heavily focused on making the user experience- your experience- as painless as possible. Unbounce is first and foremost a marketing platform, with stellar landing page creation tools. That’s accompanied by a full host of testing tools as well, which means you’re really getting good bang for your A/B testing buck here IF you need the marketing extras.


  • Full WordPress integration- publish to WordPress with 1 click
  • A/B testing for landing pages
  • Easy page design
  • Real time stats
  • Multi-user client management

8) AB Press Optimizer

AB Press Optimizer A/B testing tools logo

AB Press Optimizer is one of the most intriguing options on the list. Their focus is laser-like on testing, testing, and testing with excellent reporting and analysis features. They reflect this strategy in their price- there are no monthly fees, you simply pay for the number of websites you want to test on. For each of those websites, you get unlimited testing and analytics. No traffic limits, no testing limits, no monthly fees. That’s hard to find fault with. They even have a WordPress plugin!


  • Full range of testing options- AB, split, multivariate
  • Supports a slew of individualized testing features for different aspects of your website
  • Pricing based on number of websites, no monthly fees
  • Unlimited tests and no traffic limits
  • Unlimited variations
  • Real-time reporting
  • Easy setup and great support

These AB testing tools run the full range of what you may need for your WordPress website. If you value seamless and native WordPress integration, it’s there. Focused purely on testing and analytics? It’s there. If you need marketing and personalization tools with your testing and analytics, you’ve got that too. Point is, there’s something out there for everybody wanting to AB test, you just have to find it. Hopefully this list has helped. If I’ve missed an option you think I should have added, or have any comments about the existing entries, please speak up below!