5 Ways to Lay Out Your Styles with Ninja Forms’ Layout and Styles!

Your form doesn’t have to look like something that would hang in the Louvre to convert well. So you don’t have to be an artist to build a great form, great. Go home, we’re done here.

Ok no, wait.

You might not need to be an artist to build a high conversion form, but there’s no question that design matters. We’ve established that user experience, presentation, and efficient design most definitely have a lot to do with how well your form converts.

Those things require some kind of talent for design though, don’t they? And the ability to write lengthy amounts of custom css to display that design? The answers there are just a little, and no. Ninja Forms can’t make you an artist, but we sure can help you give your forms some style without fooling with custom css!

Let us introduce to you… Layout and Styles!

What Can I Do With Layout and Styles?

    1. Divide your form’s layout into 1-4 columns. Just have to have more than the recommended 3-5 fields in your form? Turn that super long form into something a little less intimidating!

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.23.48 AM

    1. Style the wraps, labels, and elements in your form. Change the size, position, background color, borders, text, and more! We let you adjust every last visual detail to get the perfect look inside your form.
    2. Style the form container, title, and rows. Worked hard to customize a gorgeous theme and not happy with a plain vanilla form box clashing with all your hard work? Can’t blame you. With Layout and Styles, you can blend your form to match the backdrop!

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.48.59 AM

  1. Add styles to success and error messages. Have a great looking form now and want your success or error popups to match? Not a problem. You have all the features to adjust them too!
  2. Specify styles by element type and add default styles to elements. Did you nail the perfect look for your form? Want to have all your forms look that way but don’t have the time to spend? Go to Forms > Styling and set default styles for every last component we covered above!

And there you have it! Using Layout and Styles is not just a matter of looking pretty and blending in with your themes, although it will certainly let you do just that. A better designed form is going to convert better, period. If you want to design a better form but just don’t have the time to devote to learning CSS, Layout and Styles is for you! For that matter, if you do know CSS and just want a time saver then Layout and Styles is for you. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a more attractive and efficient form for your users!

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