5 Ways Ninja Forms Makes You a Content Management Ninja

Your content is the heart and soul of your blog. Make managing it all easier with Ninja Forms!  Whether you want users to be able to upload media or document files, create and edit posts on the front end, manage access to forms, or route form submissions into different channels, Ninja Forms has your content management needs covered.

Hang with us for a minute and we’ll take a whirlwind look at some of the extensions Ninja Forms offers that can do all these things, and more, for you!

Content Management Ninja Style!

1.    Let Users Post and Edit Content From the Front End

Giving users access to the WordPress admin portion of your website can be a very dodgy proposition sometimes. Even with permissions levels, it’s sort of like letting someone you may only know in passing into your home unsupervised. If you are the admin of a multi-author site, or frequently do guest posting, this is a situation you probably find yourself in frequently.

It doesn’t have to be. With Ninja Forms’ Front End Editor, you bring the power of the WordPress admin to your users on the front end. Allow your users to create, edit, or delete posts, pages, or any custom post type without ever stepping foot into the admin. You can also let users edit or delete Ninja Forms submissions and edit their own user profiles. What’s more, you can set powerful rules that give you full control over who can modify or delete content on a site-wide or post-by-post basis.

2.    Let Users Upload Media or Document Files

The content you’re collecting from users or allowing your users to share on your site shouldn’t be limited to text alone. Ninja Forms gives you and your users the power to upload images, videos, and documents from your form, or two your front end.

With File Uploads you can let your users upload images, videos, or documents like PDFs, Word or Excel files, and more. In conjunction with Front End Posting or Front End Editor, they can even  set featured images for their posts from the front end! We also offer a Vimeo extension that handles video uploads directly from your Vimeo account!

3.    Convert Form Submissions to PDF or Auto-Populate Documents of Your Choice

Sometimes normal form submission just doesn’t cut it. Maybe you have an old familiar document format you want the data converted to, or prefer PDFs for their convenience. Not a problem with Ninja Forms! With our PDF Form Submission extension, you can create portable and accessible files for archiving or sharing submission data.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! With WebMerge for Ninja Forms, you can take documents that you’ve been using all along, like your favorite pdf or Word doc forms, and have them autopopulated from a Ninja Form. No more converting content by hand!

4.    Integrate Ninja Forms with Your Favorite Content Management Software

Around the office the great majority of content brainstorming, preparation, and workflow management happens in Trello. Ninja Forms is silly simple to integrate with Trello via the Trello Ninja Forms extension, which creates a new card on form submission. Great for gathering content ideas from users and guests!

If Trello isn’t your program of choice, our Zapier extension allows you to integrate with over 500 different programs. There’s a good chance yours is on the list!

5.    Manage User Access

Only want certain users being able to submit content ideas that populate to your Trello board? Restrict access to that form or any other with Secure Form. And of course, with Front End Editor you can restrict access to which users can post to which pages, modify or delete certain content, or access submission data. You can even set rules on a post-by-post basis.

peeking-ninja-300x138As your blog expands and grows, managing the content that’s being produced becomes all the more important. Ninja Forms gives you an array of content management options that will grow with your blog. Empowering users, enabling a diversity of content, keeping your site and content secure, integrating with your favorite workflows, we have you covered!