2 New Features for Ninja Forms!

We’re excited to introduce 2 new features for your favorite WordPress form builder!

We love launching new Ninja Forms features that make your WordPress form building experience easier. We’ve not been doing that enough this year. We know. It’s been all the way back to April that I was last able to post about new feature releases, and that hurts.

This has turned into a year of largely behind-the-scenes work to improve Ninja Forms. Most of that work hasn’t resulted in a whole lot of visible changes for you. It has set the stage for us to be able to build and design a lot of things that you’ve been asking for, though. And to do it right.

There will be a lot more feature releases coming over the next year, so stay tuned! Here’s what we’ve put together for you recently:

  1. You can now make select lists with images with the new Select Image field
  2. PDF Form Submissions has been rebuilt from the ground up

These are two very commonly requested features. They’re obviously not everything you’ve been asking for, but we’re super excited to get down to addressing more of this type of thing very soon. Your feedback on the last feature update article was really nice to have, and were part of the reason these 2 features were selected to complete before the holidays. We’re listening, here and in support. Don’t forget to make your request in the comments before you go!

You can now easily add images to a list field!

There’s now a dedicated field, Select Image, that can be used to display images as list options. This field behaves exactly like the other list fields, but with images. When a user clicks an image, that option is selected and will be recorded in submissions.

Here’s what this looks like on Twenty Nineteen:

select image field on front end

And from the form builder:

backend settings of the new select image field


  • Add images as list options from Media Library
  • Label will pre-populate with name of image, which can be changed. Or hidden completely.
  • Images can be assigned values for use in calculations
  • Allowing multiple selections from the same list can be toggled on/off
  • Supports vertical or horizontal display of images

PDF Form Submissions has been completely rewritten with a new library & many new customization options

PDF Form Submissions was not aging well. The PDF library, or underlying framework, that we built it on was old and no longer supported. That resulted in some really bizarre bugs and a poor user experience. We decided to restart this one from the ground up. We’re really happy with the way this turned out, and hope you will be too!

Basic functionality is the same. You can export any form submission as a PDF, and send a PDF copy of any form submission with an email action from the form. The old bugs like sometimes inserting hundreds of blank pages are gone. Best of all, there’s now loads of customization options as standard features, no code required!


You’ll now find a PDF Form Submission option in the builder under the Advanced tab with the following customization options:

  • Document Title
  • Header Settings: These can be defined by you, or populated from fields on the form
    • Header Position
    • Company Name
    • Company Logo (supports image from Media Library)
    • Address
    • Suite/PO Box
    • City/State/Province
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Date
  • Footer Settings
    • Footer Position
    • Pagination on/off
    • Additional Info (rich text editor supports disclaimers, etc)

If you’re using customized templates from the old library, don’t worry. Just read this.

When you update, the new version of PDF Form Submissions will scan for the presence of customized templates in the old version. If found, you’ll be displayed an admin notice prompting you to download a helper plugin. Install the helper plugin, and you’ll be able to continue using your old templates on the new version. That gives you time to set up the new ones like you want.

We won’t be able to support old custom templates- the PDF library they’re based on isn’t even supported by its devs anymore. But, you won’t have the rug pulled out from under your working templates this way. You can continue receiving updates and address your templates at your leisure 🙂

What do you want to see next for Ninja Forms?

Like I said at the top, your feedback is invaluable to us in weighing what to work on next. For example, we knew PDF Form Submissions was long overdue some love, but there were a number of things we wanted to work on for this final quarter. I knew this was something we were getting lots of requests for in support. Getting so many of you chiming in with this in our last features post cemented it as something I was going to pull for.

I know we weren’t able to hit each request. I know there’s more to be done. So, what would you like to see next?

Comments are below! What new features can we turn to next that will make your WordPress form building experience better?