Announcing User Management: Register Users with Ninja Forms!

The single most requested feature for Ninja Forms? Forms that allow for user registration. You asked for them, and they’re finally here! We are excited to announce today the release of User Management, our first official Ninja Forms extensions that allows visitors to register as users on your WordPress website!  Register users via form. Allow user to login via form. Let your members edit and update profile information via form. It’s all here!

Sign Up New Users to Your WordPress Website

You now have the unparalleled ability to allow your website’s guests to sign up as new users to your WordPress website! User Management comes with a default User Registration form template that you can use right out of the box, tweak to your heart’s content, or even scrap and start from scratch.

user management register user form backend view

The power behind the form is the new Register User action, allowing you to turn form field info into new WordPress user info. You control the role the new user is assigned- Subscriber, Contributor, Author, etc- and as soon as the form submits, you have a newly registered user. It’s that easy! There’s even a custom User Notification email ready to go for your convenience that will mail off to the new user at the email address they sign up with!

Allow User Logins and Profile Editing

User Management provides two other clean and simple form templates out-of-the-box: a Login form and an Update Profile form. Use these forms to allow registered users to log in and/or update their existing profiles. Or if you’d rather, craft a whole new form for either job and just add the new Login User or Update Profile actions to your custom form.

new actions for user management: register user, login user, update profile

User Management introduces 3 new actions.

User management is an exciting and powerful addition to your WordPress website. Begin registering users as dedicated members with User Management for Ninja Forms today!

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