Welcome Insightly to the Ninja Forms 3.0 Extension Family!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest integration for Ninja Forms 3.0: Insightly! Small business, growing business, enterprise, doesn’t matter. Insightly has something for you. They’re an industry-leading customer relationship manager (CRM) that boasts an incredible 100% ROI in less than 90 days of coming on board for more than two-thirds of their users. You need a way to manage your sales process, and Insightly specializes in exactly that from first contact to payment received. And now you can bring them home to your WordPress website with Ninja Forms!

Powerful Customer Relationship Management with Insightly

Insightly is with you facilitating every step of the customer lifecycle:

  • Capture leads via Ninja Forms
  • Create sales templates & email prospects
  • Create pipelines and workflows
  • Generate professional quotes and proposals
  • Collect Payments
  • Compile customer data with advanced custom reporting
  • And back again…

There’s extraordinary potential here not just through the customer lifecycle, but the tools to evolve with your business strategy as your company grows.

Management Tools

  • Lead and contact management
  • Calendar and event scheduling
  • Linking between contacts, organizations, opportunities, and projects
  • Email templates
  • Notation tools
  • Custom fields and filters
  • Many, many more…

Integrated Project Management

  • Pipeline management for visually tracking a project from start to finish
  • Milestone management for granular control of tasks
  • Email collaboration
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Role organization per contact
  • Reminders and Recurring task managment

Social Media & Mobile on the Go

  • Associates email to social platforms automatically
  • See Twitter contact per address
  • Get LinkedIn profiles for each address
  • Find public Facebook profiles associated with any address
  • Easy access to info on the go- Insightly dashboard is fully mobile

There’s a lot more to Insightly than one short announcement post can give credit to. They also offer top notch reporting by user, organization, custom field, and much more. Look back at a past pipeline/milestone track or to the present with an ongoing project to compare figures. Opportunity value, task and event reporting, it’s all there. Manage your sales funnels in fine detail every step of the way. Go give Insightly for Ninja Forms a look. Right now. Why are you still here!? 🙂