Adventures in Businessing: Entrepreneurship, Small Business, and a Healthy Dose of Humor

Where Entrepreneurs Gather, Practicality & Wisdom Flourish

It’s no secret that the Ninja Forms cofounders, James Laws and Kevin Stover have tried their hand at all manner of entrepreneurial endeavors. As with anything in life, there have been lessons learned, as well as successes and failures, both measured and unexpected.

Now these two have opted to share their story, trials and tribulations in podcast form, and they’ve invited Jeremy Moore (Financial Services Executive & Management Innovator), and Rob Alderman (of The Alderman Group) along for the ride to do likewise.

Adventures in Businessing (AIB) is a wonderful new–ish podcast that has sprung forth from this quadratic union, and one that you should be listening to. Why? Whether you chalk it up to good advice, intriguing entrepreneurial stories, or you just fancy a good laugh, AIB has your number.

Not Everyone Should Own and Operate a Business

Okay, okay, full disclosure: I don’t know much about running a business (maybe even less than that)…and amusingly, I myself once produced and guest recorded on this podcast’s ‘Season 1’ regularly, as did fellow Ninja developer Kenny Hall. Kenny too would freely divulge that our lack of business ‘chops’ rendered us a little less than qualified to participate in what had the potential to be a noteworthy, recommendable show.

Now, having rightfully distanced ourselves from the podcast and with Rob and Jeremy filling those chairs, I feel primed and obligated to inform you of an informative, entertaining, and dare I say inspiring new lineup for what has been pleasantly reformatted for the better in season 2.

Fear Less, Learn More

Business is tough, and even the word itself conjures images that simultaneously entice and terrify, causing anxiety, and in some, boredom. But that’s okay. Thankfully, the hosts of Adventures in Businessing are able to bring business and the nature thereof down to Earth, at an understandable level, without insulting the audience’s intelligence.

But Adventures in Businessing isn’t just food for existing, or budding entrepreneurs; whether you work for an upstart, organization, or corporation, you’ll find a wealth of invaluably progressive insight. And while humor abounds, controversial topics are approached head-on with a surprising measure of assertiveness and experience to boot.

Knowledge & Entertainment, Without the Price Tag

Whether you are wanting to prepare for the inevitable or the unlikely, should you wish to learn from other’s mistakes, or simply hear compelling business focused happenings and ruminations, Adventures in Businessing is bound to have something for you. All with no barrier to entry. But don’t take my word for it, see what listeners like you have to say about the show:

  • “I’m not even an entrepreneur, but listening to the journey of these fun and hilarious guys is solid entertainment. I’m sure it would also be inspiring and helpful to real business-making people.”
  • “I’ve never laughed so hard at such wisdom.”
  • “A great behind the scenes show about WordPress, entrepreneurial issues, and growing a digital product business.”
  • “It’s nice to hear business topics with an entertaining spin. I like the transparency and the topics discussed.”
  • “I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to these guys drop some excellent business advice. I know these guys are all the real deal and care more about the people around them than the profits they’re making. They believe in doing business the right way and that’s exactly what comes out of this podcast. Honesty about the actual struggles that come with starting/running/growing a business and how to do business well. All while keeping it light with plenty of laughter.”
  • “They present great info on how they run their business, why they run it that way, and the how behind their awesome products. Getting to basically sit in on casual meetings among the partners and employees hilarious and informative, but without the terrible production values that most shows of that type have.”

You can find the show at its home site, iTunes or anywhere you listen to podcasts: