How to Accept Subscriptions with WordPress Forms


recurly "R" with a circle around it logoDo you offer a service to your customers through your WordPress website? Would you like to increase your annual revenue from that service? We’re thinking you probably do, and that’s why Ninja Forms now integrates seamlessly with the Recurly subscription management service. You can now accept subscriptions through your website’s forms!

For those of you not familiar with Recurly, they’re a subscription management platform with incredible flexibility and a host of features to make your business life easier. For those of you not familiar with the subscription model in general, it’s been called the future of the SaaS (software as a service) business model by giants like Entrepreneur Magazine and many others.[1] It’s not just an effective model for your bottom line, but a real boon to your customers as well. Don’t miss the boat on this one!

For those of you that already know and love Recurly, and for all the rest of you too, we’ll outline below how to hook the power of Recurly’s subscription management platform into your Ninja Forms. Get setup to accept subscriptions through your WordPress forms today!

Accept Subscriptions with Ninja Forms + Recurly!

Setting up Ninja Forms to be your gateway into Recurly is super simple. Let’s look at how to do it in 3 easy steps.

1) Pick a form, any form!

Nothing special here. Just choose the form you want to accept subscriptions through or create a new one. You will want to have at minimum a First Name, Last Name, and Email fields so you can send that data through to Recurly. You may also want to capture the user’s company name, VAT number if applicable, and address info if relevant.

2) Add a Recurly Action

This step assumes that you have 1) purchased, installed, and activated the Recurly extension for Ninja Forms and 2) signed up for an account with Recurly with an active subscription plan.

Just click into the Emails & Actions tab of your builder and select Recurly Subscription from the list of actions on the right. Easy peasy.

reculry subscription action in the ninja forms builder to accept subscriptions

Your Recurly action should now appear in your list of actions:

active recurly subscription action in the builder

3) Link to your Recurly account using the Recurly action

Clicking on the Recurly action will slide open its configuration panel, seen below:

recurly action panel to configure recurly to accept subscriptions

The first section (above Advanced) is where you link to the Recurly service and configure the core information you send to them.

Plan Code is the ID number for your plan that Recurly provides when you set up the plan with their service. Acquire this number from your account dashboard with Recurly and place it here. This links this form’s data to the Recurly.

Basic Info is the first and last name and email of the customer. You want to map these settings to your form fields of the same name using the merge tag icon to the right of each settings field.

Advanced. If you want to configure additional information to send to Recurly, you can map that here. Note that you can also include VAT number for tax purposes.

You’re set to accept subscriptions!

You’re now integrated with Recurly and ready to accept subscriptions! We hope you love this new feature of Ninja Forms. Any time we can help you be successful, we’re happy. If you have any questions, fire away below. Good luck and enjoy!