Accept Applications and Resumes with Ninja Forms

The true potential of any business is in the people behind it. Reaching your potential for growth and pushing its boundaries comes down to putting the right team together. That makes hiring one of the most important decisions a company can make. Who is better positioned to handle that process than you? Probably not anyone. Take the reins from square one and begin accepting online job applications and resumes with Ninja Forms right from your website!

Accepting online applications and resumes with Ninja Forms comes with many benefits:

  • No more paperwork!
  • Better organization and efficiency
  • Auto-notification when a new applicant submits
  • Get a copy immediately to every team member that needs to see it
  • Screen applicants prior to submission
  • Discreetly rank the quality of an applicant

We’ll show you how to get started and hit each of these points in the next few minutes below. Let’s take a look!

Setting Up Your Website to Accept Applications and Resumes with Ninja Forms

If you’re of the opinion that the best kinds of how-to’s are short, sweet, and easy to follow, then you’re in for a treat. This is going to be super short and simple. First let’s look at what you need, and then we’ll demonstrate how to do it. After that will look at how to accomplish some of the more advanced points we mentioned above.

What You’ll Need

  1. Ninja Forms
  2. File Uploads for Ninja Forms

You’ll need to set up a form for this obviously, but how simple or complex it might be depends on your needs. At its most basic level, you may just want a brief identifying header and a place to upload the resume or application file. Let’s look at how to do that first, then we’ll look at some more complex ideas.

Setting Up a Simple Resume Upload Form

Let’s set up a basic header and file upload field, then we can talk about some more interesting directions you can take this. First, add an HTML field and a File Upload field (requires File Uploads to to installed and activated).

1) In your HTML field, set up a message you want to display with your upload field. I’ve chosen a simple “Please Upload Your Resume and Attached CV Here”. I’ve centered the text and used a h3 header for it here.

accepting resumes with NInja Forms- html field

2) With the uploaded file, you have a number of options in the File Upload field’s setting window. You may choose to rename the uploaded files yourself rather than use the users’ filename to keep them consistent. I’ve done that here in the Rename Uploaded File field. Each file will be appended with “Uploaded Resume Q1”.

Under the Restrictions setting, I’ve also limited the max file size to 64mb, the allowed file types to .pdf and .docx, and the total number of files uploaded to 1. You may also want to make it a required field using the Required Field toggle.

accepting resumes with Ninja Forms- file upload field options

That’s really all there is to it if the basics are all you need. On the front end, the form will display with a progress bar that indicates to the user that the file is uploading and when it has been successful. Here is how it displays with no further styling on the Twenty Sixteen theme:

accepting resumes with ninja forms- front end display of sample form

You’re now set up to accept applications and resumes with Ninja Forms! Want to experiment with some of the more complex ideas we mentioned above? Let’s take a moment to show you how to get started with those below!

Advanced Ideas for Accepting Resumes with Ninja Forms

THIS is where accepting resumes online with Ninja Forms really excels beyond what you can do with paper forms. First, let’s address these two points from earlier in the article:

  • Auto-notification when a new applicant submits
  • Get a copy immediately to every team member that needs to see it

Both of these are possible within the Ninja Forms Actions system. Head to the Emails & Actions tab of your form builder, and you’ll see where you can create an Email Action. Create one for your resume upload form and you’ve got email notifications going out to each team member that needs to see a new application.

What if you’ve got multiple job openings and need certain resume uploads to go to specific individuals, and other uploads to a different set of people? You can do that too using Conditional Logic to send email conditionally to only specific parties.

How about our other ideas?

  • Screen applicants prior to submission

To screen applicants before presenting them with the option to upload a resume, simply add the screening questions to the resume upload form and then use Conditional Logic to hide the file upload field unless those questions are answered satisfactorily.

  • Discreetly rank the quality of an applicant

This gets a bit more complicated, but we have a handy dandy article tutorial all ready for you. Essentially though, you can assign values to the preselected responses an applicant can give to your screening questions, sum those values to give the applicant a score (that they will never see), and have the form set up to conditionally react to the applicant’s score. That reaction could be conditionally hiding the upload field unless a certain score threshold has been reached, or even sending the resume to different parties based on the range in which the score falls.

Do you have any clever ways to accept resumes? Any neat use cases for Ninja Forms and your company? We’d love to hear about them in the comments, so feel free to tell your story below!