How to Easily Accept Payments in WordPress

Whether you are holding an event registry, selling products, or just looking to take donations, a common need for many websites is the ability to accept payments and take orders online. Luckily, Ninja Forms has the best WordPress online order form selections ready to be incorporated as soon as you install the plugin!

What are Your WordPress Online Order Form Options?

Ninja Forms has three payment gateways for accepting payments on your WordPress website:

Any, or all, of these methods, will get the job done and start you on the road to receiving payments online. For each of these options, you will need to create an account with whichever service you choose to go with. For the below “How To” I went the popular route and set up a Paypal account, but a Stripe account or a Recurly account is just as easy to establish and use. For whatever path you choose, you can find the installation instructions and documentation below:

Once you have your account created and your plugin installed, you are ready to get started on making your own WordPress online order form. As stated earlier, I will be crafting these forms using the Paypal Express plugin.

How to Make an Event Registry Order Form and Receive Payment!

To get in and start learning the basics we are going to use one of the best features of Ninja Forms: the built-in Event Registration form. Even if you currently don’t have an event in the works, this is a fast and simple way to learn the basics of the online order form. (If you are more interested in learning how to sell a product online, don’t worry. Once we are finished with the event registry I will also show how to make a product order form.) From your Dashboard go to Ninja Forms and select Event Registration:

This will open a premade registry form that you can customize to your heart’s content. I left most of the fields alone outside of naming the specific event and removing the second HTML field, which can be edited to show a map of where your event is being held. Once the Form Fields are the way you want them, go ahead and select Emails & Actions.

From Emails & Actions select Add New Action and add Collect Payment to your action list:

Before you begin to edit the settings of the Collect Payment action, you need to add some fields to your form. Return to the “Form Fields” and add what “Pricing Fields” you are going to require:

For an event registration, I added Product, Quantity, and Total since no shipping would be required for a registration ticket.

Label your Product whatever fits your need and set your Price. If you added a Quantity field like me, you may want to deselect the Use Inline Quantity to prevent the redundancy of having the Quantity option twice.

Once you are done setting your Product, you may also want to set specific parameters on your Quantity (i.e. Label, Minimum number able to be purchased, Maximum number able to be purchased, etc.).

The Total field works fantastically as is and doesn’t need any changes unless you wish to change its Label or Label Position.

Once you have your new fields ready, return to Emails & Actions and select Collect Payment. From the settings window set your Payment Gateways to whichever of the above Payment Gateways you chose earlier.

Finally, change the Get Payment From box to Field and set the Select Field to Total. If you wish, you can also find boxes for Details and a Note to the Buyer under the Advanced tab.

Once you are content with all of your fields, check your work and congratulate yourself because you are done! Hit Publish and you have built your first online order form. After you have these basics down it is really simple to create a product order form with some slight modifications.

How to build a product order form!

If you’re not in the business of holding events and, instead, looking to sell a service or product, Ninja Forms is still the perfect tool for your WordPress online order form. To create your own product order form you will still need one of the plugins mentioned earlier (Paypal Express, Stripe, or Recurly), and I will continue to use Paypal for my example.

From your Dashboard go to Ninja Forms and build a Blank Form. Below you can see a screenshot of what I placed in this form. You can modify this as you need, but I recommend at least these basics:

Next, label each field for the requirements of your service or product. This is largely the exact same process as what was described above, but you may note that I have left off the Quantity field, and added a Shipping field. Under Pricing, there is an option to Use Inline Quantity which will pair the quantity and the price, and make sure you set a separate shipping cost.

Besides these steps, the process to set up a product order form is exactly the same as stated earlier. Under Emails & Actions add Collect Payment and set the proper Payment Gateway.

With Ninja Forms, it really is that easy to create a WordPress online order form. Explore Ninja Forms further and let us know what is working for you! If you have any tips or tricks of your own be sure to share them and let us know in the comments below. Happy crafting!